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Pete Noval, the owner of Havasu's Jersey Grill has always enjoyed cooking and entertaining for family and friends. Those are the best of times for him. He savors the thrill of creating new recipes for them to try. Pete grew up on the east coast and had access to big cities like New York City, Philly and Boston. He got to experience an eclectic mix of cultures and palates. One common thread amongst food through any metropolitan area is their own version of a steak sandwich, a burger or even a hot dog. Pete attributes this city flare for the tasteful variations in his dishes. Spending his summers at the Jersey Shore reminded him a lot of the boating atmosphere here on the lake. He thought combining the concept of Jersey boardwalk food, and some specialties from some of cities he grew up around with Lake Havasu was a natural marriage. People have always encouraged Pete to open up a restaurant but he just didn't know where the right place was for him.

When he finally came to Havasu with some friends, his family was blown away by the beauty of Havasu. Shortly thereafter, Pete and his family had a home and boat and they were in Havasu every weekend. The London Bridge and the concept of it being sent here piece by piece was always so fascinating to Pete. This is how he came upon the English Village and the spectacular location of his restaurant. Hopefully people would agree that his food, accompanied by the view, is hard to beat. Pete and his family are hoping they have ignited a spark down in our English Village because it is such a unique spot. They would love to see and feel it busy with life since they have heard so much of how it used to be. The Tudor styles of the buildings, the new visitor center and art gallery, the cool Hawaiian Shaved Ice Kiosk, the old fashioned Red Popcorn Wagon, The Candle Shop, it's all so charming.

We had been throwing around the idea of a second location for two reasons. The first was all the talk in town of redoing the waterfront under the bridge. We did not know how this would affect us. The second reason was we have very little indoor dining near the waterfront. If we had indoor dining we could also be open in the evening and have a more extensive menu. Hence came our Main Street locale! We love it up here in the Heart of Havasu! There is always something happening up here from the weekly Thursday Nights Crus'in On Main with Hotrods lining the streets, to events of all kinds for every holiday and then some! The streets are becoming alive more and more with the beautiful trees, decorative flags, lights and new stores coming in, it is really on the cusp of becoming a true destination. We are fortunate to be here.

Jersey's Grill will constantly be adding to the menu whenever Pete comes up with his next great dish! Dinner plated specials are here so please come in and let us know what you think!

Jersey’s Grill
2049 McCulloch N.
Lake Havasu City, Az  86403
(928) 680-FOOD (3663)
Open Daily 7 Days a week.
Mon - Thurs    11am - 8:30pm
Fri - Sat            8am - 9:00pm
Sun                  8am - 3:00pm

Jersey’s Grill
401 English Village
Lake Havasu City, Az  86403
(928) 854-3938

Open Daily Tuesday- Sunday at 11:00 A.M.

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